Express Mail Delivery

Mail delivery

Ural Airlines offers express mail delivery services. The delivery can be arranged at all representative offices of the airline and carried out on its regular destinations.

Mail (letters / packages of up to 5 kg weight) acceptance and clearance are also performed at the representative offices. For contact details of representative offices, click here.

Attention! Currency, jewellery, magnetic storage media, and other articles prohibited for transportation on an aircraft or those being subject to mandatory declaration shall not be allowed for delivery.

The cost of mail (documents, letters, etc.) clearance service for courier delivery by the airline’s flights is calculated by the following rates:

Вес Стоимость
Up to 0.5 kg. 800 RUB
More than 0.5 but up to 1,0 kg. 1600 RUB
More than 1.0, but up to 1.5 kg. 2500 RUB
More than 1.5, but up to 2.0 kg. 3300 RUB
More than 2.0, but up to 2.5 kg. 4100 RUB
More than 2.5, but up to 3.0 kg. 4900 RUB
More than 3.0, but up to 3.5 kg. 5700 RUB
More than 3.5, but up to 4.0 kg. 6500 RUB
More than 4.0, but up to 4.5 kg. 7300 RUB
More than 4.5, but up to 5.0 kg. 8100 RUB

  • Payment shall be made at a Ural Airlines representative office prior to delivery. International delivery only to the UAE (Dubai), the Czech Republic (Prague)*, and CIS countries (Tashkent, Khujand, Yerevan, Dushanbe).
    * Payable in Prague upon receipt.
  • A mail shall be handed over in a Ural Airlines representative office against Addressee’s signature and upon presentation of his/her government issued ID.
  • Unclaimed mail shall be stored at the Ural Airlines representative office for three months. Destruction shall be executed with drawing up a statement.
  • In case of loss, breakage or spoilage of the mail accepted for delivery the airline shall be liable in the amount of damage done, but not exceeding double amount of the payment for the delivery.