Seat selection

Seat selection

The seat selection service is available during check-in for a flight at the airport. Make the most comfy of your flight!

Service price:

  • Domestic airlines - 1000 rubles
  • CIS - 25 $
  • Europe, China - 25 Euro
  • Arab Emirates - AED 250

Please note that the cost of the service the choice of place on charter flights may differ from the prices on scheduled flights.

Flying Gold and Silver members of Wing Loyalty Program receive the service free of charge .For thepasngers with Premium Economy Class tickets the service is for free as well.

For detailed information, please refer to the company’s Representative at the check-in counter.

In case of change of the aircraft layout or the aircraft itself, the Airline does not guarantee the reserved seats with seat selection service and shall have the right to seating on a regular basis.