«Moscow travel pass»
Moscow travel pass
A Moscow travel pass is one ticket for several flights with open* dates of departures

Ekaterinburg – Moscow – Ekaterinburg

Irkutsk – Moscow – Irkutsk

Novosibirsk – Moscow – Novosibirsk

Tomsk – Moscow – Tomsk

Rostov-on-Don – Moscow – Rostov-on-Don

Chelyabinsk – Moscow – Chelyabinsk

Chita – Moscow – Chita

Ufa – Moscow – Ufa

Ulan-Ude – Moscow – Ulan-Ude

Ekaterinburg – Saint Petersburg – Ekaterinburg

  • Can include 2, 4 or 8 round trips
  • Gives a passenger 10 to 35% discount from the minimal fare for the respective service class, depending on the number of flights
  • Guarantees a seat in the respective service class if the passenger confirms the use of it not less than 1 hour** prior to the flight departure time.
  • Valid from 2 to 12 month.

Buy a Moscow travel pass in the airline's own ticket offices or in offices of Travel Club “Krulya” (“Wings”).
The service of free service class upgrade for Golden card holders is not available to passengers using a Moscow travel pass for the flight.

* – the first trip using a Moscow travel pass has fixed dates, the rest has open dates.

** - an owner of a Moscow travel pass must call 8-800-7700-262 to contact customer service and confirm the use of the seat not less than 1 hour** prior to the flight departure time.